Deputies Killed in the Line of Duty

Michael Brandon Lassiter
5/8/73 - 4/8/04

On 4/8/2004 Deputy Michael Brandon Lassiter was patrolling on US Highway 84 east of Andalusia. At approximatley 12:49 AM his patrol car was struck head on by a Ford Explorer. Deputy Lassiter died as a result of the injuries he sustained. Deputy Lassiter was a dedicated and hard working deputy who will be missed by all.

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>Michael Brandon Lassiter
5/8/73 - 4/8/04

On 4/18/2014 Deputy William Heath Kelley "2319" was responding to an automobile accident with injuries on Al 55 South of Andalusia, Deputy Kelley's patrol car started hydroplaning due to the excessive amount of rain that had fallen, causing him to strike another vehicle. Due to the injuries Deputy Kelley received during the accident, Deputy Kelley passed away at approximately 9:05 a.m. He was a great man, a family man and a great Deputy and will be deeply missed by all.

>William Heath Kelley
08/12/1967-04/18/2014 RIP "2319"

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On 09/30/2015 Sgt. Larry Smith lost his life due to injuries following a motorcycle accident while off duty. He will be missed by his brothers in brown. RIP "2308"